3 great ways for developing creativity in children


“If you want to grow a creative child, it must learn to think independently,” said Adam Grant, a teacher at “Wharton School of Business”, and also a father and author of a book in psychology.
In his opinion there are three main principles that every parent needs to follow if he wants his child to grow up in an environment that will stimulate its creativity and talent:


1. Praise the child, not his or her actions

When your child going to draw a drawing, instead of saying “Wow how nice drawing!” saying “Wow you really do have talent for drawing”. Such a statement would make the child understand that is a talented and further improve its capabilities.

2. Never set too many rules

A few years ago researchers at Boston College have done a study that compares the families of the art gifted children with those of average children, which have found that parents in families with average children have an average of at least 6 rules applied every day (when children to lay down in bed, when to write homework, etc.), while the number of rules in families with talented whole showed a figure even lower than the the 1st.
If you restrict your children with too many rules, would probably be not easy to them, to solve their own problems in the future. They will look for conventional methods and solutions rather than thinking independently and to seek out new alternatives.

3. Discuss things together with your children

Another research done between American architects found that the parents of the most successful and most original children follow an interesting pattern of growing children: they create a general overview of how their children need to behave and explaining why this is so. They also permit their children to define their own values within the predicted behavior.
When children and parents discuss about something children have a right to prove their opinions and try find a way together to solve problems, that eventually leads to a desire to defend their claims and achieve even greater success.