5 mistakes made by brides when it comes to make-up

It is time for the season of weddings and therefore is joyous time for many future brides. However, while wedding dress and shoes to try out and buy a few months before the wedding, regardless of the test make-up until the last moment something can go wrong. Just remember the many photographs on which the bride looks strange, too made-up, older or on her neck is familiar orange passage of the powder and on the cheeks are proudly shining two circles blush …
Unfortunately, many make up artist think that the wedding appearance must include heavy makeup, but you listen to your face and your mirror and try to avoid these classic mistakes.


Forget about too much powder

“The make-up must stand all night,” often the makeup artists say and put too much powder on the face of poor brides. If you want to apply much powder, then fine, otherwise we advise you to find a good powder that will smooth complexion and will create matte effect, but will not melt, smears, or to be entered into wrinkles and thus added plus 5 years.

Powder around the eyes

When you laugh (and you will laugh a lot), on all the photos will be noticed wrinkles around the eyes if you cover with a thick layer of powder. For eye bags shall be credited creamy corrector, a little highlighter on top of the cheeks will reject the light and that way you make wrinkles invisible.

Too long eyelashes

If you have small eyes, do you think you need the longest fake eyelashes? Huge plastic eyelashes all look ridiculous and divert the view from the eyes and beautiful facial features. Choose natural false eyelashes that will only complete yours, and will give length without anyone noticing.

Bride to be

Too much outlines lips

We all know that Kylie Jenner do this, and numerous celebrities. However, you will be seen by hundreds of people up close all day and all night, and the line that comes out from the edge of the lips will look just ridiculous.

Exaggerating the blush

“The bride should look fresh,” is another popular phrase of professional make up artists. We agree, but that does not mean that the the cheeks should gain too pink or orange blush, or worse, a dark bronzer. Remember this rule – blush should not be the first thing that will “fall” in the eyes when someone looks at you.

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