5 things you should not say to her after having sex

Whether you care to it or it’s just casual sex until the thing better, if you are well educated man Never do these five things because it will only hurt her feelings.

The right words at the right time can do wonders for your relationship. The wrong word again, you can … probably already know yourself. These are things that no woman wants to hear after sex.


1.”This was surprisingly good. “

Even so, women do not want to know that you expected to be worse. If you already want to comment on sex, this is the right way – “As much as we expect that this will be well turned out much better than I expected.”

2.”You dropped your condition? “

For women translated this means: “You are lazy and fat,” and you know that no woman wants to hear, especially after sex.

3.”Oooh u want me to stay?

Once you dress your pants and preparing to go home while she was still lying in bed, then surely she want you to stay.

4.”I have to get up early tomorrow. “

Another ugly way to say you want to sleep alone. Even if you have the worst day at work, do not give it clear that you did not want her company – she will take it personally.

5.”Thanks for this. “

This sounds like a professional service or transaction, and the woman wants to see that her man is happy after sex with her. If you only say thanks and leave, without trying to kiss her, then you will hurt her feelings and she will think something went wrong.


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