5 types of friends you should have in your life forever!

It is a true gift if you ran into real friends, but your duty is to fight to keep for life.
For these 5 types of people is worth fighting:


Motivating friend

The friend who encourages you and constantly asks you to present yourself to the world as you know best.

The listener

Often we meet people who do not listen, but they want to be heard. If you ran into a man who could sit and listen carefully to you, then you have the right man. These people will give you the best advice.

True friend

The nice one

If a lot of people can not find time in their heavy schedule for you, they are not your friends. Those who are always willing to make time for you and are always there when you are facing a problem – they are your friends!

The Dreamer

They want to keep the world in your hand, to meet people, to improve the world. They are great if you want to attach your dreams to something big.

Type of friend


Those who always give you strength, which see things the way that you do not see, who remind you that you are the one who are responsible for your own life. Honest friend can have a abusive and controlling role, but always for your good!

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