Why children should spend more time outdoors?


Children spend as much time at their desks in school as adults to work. When classes end at school, they go home and do homework. Perhaps this is a good practice to master the material, but many parents would agree that the children need more time to play. The time spent outside without supervision by adults is a precious opportunity to learn how to behave and manage in different situations. They need time and space where they can develop their own awareness and skills.

Here is how playing outside affect your child:

Improving language skills

Outside, the borders are very moved, so that in their play, children create their own world and they share with their friends. In free interaction with friends, children have a unique opportunity to explore the world and learn to formulate their thoughts and experiences.

Positive impact on health

Running, sunlight and fresh air have a beneficial impact on children’s immunity. Today’s children spend more time in playing indoors, outside will be able to expel excess energy.

Relieving stress

Adults have breaks and vacations to relieve stress and to improve productivity. And children they need a outlet for releasing negative energy gathered during the sitting in their desks.

Learn how to get rid of conflicts and how to behave in conflict situations

Outside are the rules that children establish. Invent games, game rules, assigning roles to each other, they set limits to each other and learn solidarity.

Develop social intelligence, understanding of group dynamics and social awareness

By playing outside, children learn a lot about social hierarchy. They are going to make a mistake and team members to blame for it. Free play without adult supervision will give the opportunity to experiment with it and how function as part of a team and how to fight for what they believe. Free playing stimulates invention.

In free play children themselves have to find ways to have fun. Boredom is the best incentive that will help them to learn to enjoy their free time and find a way to spend quality.


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