Fashion tricks that Italian women have


Italian women are considered as one of the most fashionable in the world. They almost always look flawless, like they are not trying too hard. Their attractiveness is based on a few simple tricks. Of course, this is not a general conclusion, in the end, every woman has her own style.

Fashion accessories as a “must have”

You can rarely meet an Italian woman who has no jewelry or wears only one ring, for example. In general, they are not afraid to combine different pieces of jewelry. Impressive earrings, or more rings on the hands, bracelets … are part of their collection.

An Italian woman who takes care of her style always has sunglasses in her purse. Their favorite models are those with large frames and striking handles, also those with the simple aesthetics that rank high on the list of popular fashion accessories. No matter how you look or feel, sunglasses will make you look better and more impressive.

Clothes in neutral shades

White, beige, and black are an indispensable part of the closet of almost every Italian woman. This may sound strange, especially if you think of the creations of Dolce and Gabbana or Versace. But they invest in basic pieces that they can easily use for a variety of styles and occasions – black pants, white shirts, cotton T-shirts, loose-fitting shirts, cotton dresses – for all seasons.

Striking shoes

Quality before quantity is also one of the fashion rules of Italian women. In addition to clothes made of quality materials, they want to have super striking shoes. Flat or high-heeled, it is important to stand out – so often wear colored or embellished models.

Natural makeup

You can hardly meet an Italian woman that wears a lot of makeup. They give preference to natural beauty, and when they use makeup, it is again in neutral shades. They combine natural make-up with self-confidence and this looks great in almost everything they wear.