Horoscope reveals. What is the weakness of his zodiac sign when it comes to love?

Zodiac signs have a certain connection and predestination. Depending on the sign of birth, boys and men have an affinity to certain characteristics of the ladies, for which they fall in love with them. Some signs are more attractive, while others are not so. Check out on what most “fall” men according to their zodiac sign.



Men born in this sign are raised by sex. They are usually athletes, love challenges and always want to compete in everything. Aries man knows how to make real fireworks in bed, but is equally explosive in the quarrels. Aries wants an attractive and confident woman, and the best get along with women born under the sign of Sagittarius or Leo.. Also can interest a Gemini and Aquarius, while Scales frustrate him. Ladies born under the sign of Capricorn or Cancer makes him sick. Best friendship, but not always and love can accomplish with Taurus and Pisces.


Taureans are romantic, practical, great lovers of food and do not pay attention very much in finance. Want ladies with sumptuous curves that enjoy cooking and eating. An ideal partner for Taureans is a woman born in the sign of Cancer or Pisces. Agrees with Capricorns, while a girl born under the sign Scorpio especially will attract him and will be a real challenge for him. Gemini and Taurus are a great combination, but only in bed. With the ladies in the sign Sagittarius can not make a deeper connection, even though he wants, while those born in his character are too stubborn for him.


Men Gemini are talkative, follow fashion, like books and always surrounded by many friends. Generally are thin, always have many questions and carry two active and different personalities, and therefore are called Gemini. Love is most often found in women born under the sign of Aries or Leo, not a bad combination nor with their born in the sign Sagittarius. He can fall in love in Aquarius and Libra, while from Scorpions runs away, as well as by members of his sign.


Cancer is sensitive, caring and greatest passion and love feels for his family and food. Loves ladies with curves and its soul mate most often is between Pisces and Cancer Scorpions. Well agrees with the woman in the sign Taurus, and with Gemini and Lions usually exercised only friendly relationship. Women born in the sign Sagittarius is nightmare for emotional Cancer, and this is also true for an Aquarian and Libra.

Leo is brave, confident, generous, good, creative and loves children. For himself wants a strong partner that has the same power as its. Perfect understanding achieves with born under the sign Aries, Sagittarius and Leo. Is interested for Gemini and Libra, while Capricorn and Taurus for him is annoying, Pisces considers unreasonable, while enjoying the company of Cancer, but often between them known to burst a big hassle.


Virgos are shy, but precise, obsessed with their health and obsessively tidy. From her partner demands to take care of him and for herself and take care of their health. Very well get along with Scorpio and Cancer. Pisces is interested, while with Capricorn and Taurus can build friendly relationship. Ladies born under the signs Aries and Sagittarius are too temperamental for her taste.


Women born under the sign Libra are romantic, charming, relaxed and always in the mood for socializing. She requires the right partner, attentive to good manners and who dress in style. True love often found in men and women born under the sign of Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo, while with Virgos and Scorpios can usually be just a friend. Men Capricorns for her are too authoritative, while Pisces and Cancer are too emotional.


Scorpio shine with glamor and ideal partner for it is he that has it her energy and who wants to experiment in bed. The best chance for love has with Pisces and Cancer, and handles both the Virgos and Capricorn. Taureans simultaneously fascinate and irritate her, so often argue, but sex with those born in this sign have been doing well. With an Aquarian and Gemini can not establish a connection because they talk too much.


Sagittarians are true adventurers, they are wise and need to be able to preserve their freedom. Looking for a men with an adventurous spirit, but he has to be smart, and to be able to learn from him something new. In love best agrees with Leo and Aries, not bad nor connection with the Libra and Aquarius. Men born under the sign Gemini are interesting it. Harder accomplished concerning with Cancer, Virgo and Taurus.


Capricorn woman is authoritative, but also a wonderful lover. She wants a smart, seductive man on who will simultaneously show great respect. As long as the partner is more successful, the greater are chances Capricorn to “spun” for him because she wants a partner that can stand side by side with her and with which can build a stable life. Men that correspond are those born under the sign of Sagittarius, but also Aquarius, while with Capricorn can make a good friendly relationship.


Aquarius men are great logicians, but eccentric and rebellious. This sign loves intelligent and loyal women which will be lover and friend. Combination of Aquarius woman with a man in the sign Capricorn or Pisces generally can result in deep friendship, but rarely with the love affair. The best chance for love women are Gemini or Aquarius Libra, but also Aries and Sagittarius. Leo frustrates herbut also is fascinated by its need to always be in the spotlight. With Scorpio and Cancer harder achieves deeper connection.


Women born under the sign of Pisces are sensitive, romantic, the dreamer and want a man which is gentle and full of understanding. Perfect partner for born Pisces woman is Cancer, but also Scorpio and sensual Taurus. Leo will frighten and chase her away, while men Gemini amuse her, but does not make them a deep relationship. Women born under the sign of Capricorn are too authoritative for him while Aquarius and Aries can be a friend.

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