How can your relationship affect your career


It is normal to want a partner who shares the same ambitions, goals, and dreams – your relationship can affect your career.

If your partner believes in you and supports you in your goals, you will more easily succeed in fulfilling your goals. Not only because the partner can take you out from your comfort zone, but it will also be happy when you complete your duties. With real support, you can achieve your goals faster. If you and your partner share the same opinion when it comes to the profession – you will probably succeed.

The character of your partner acts on your character and career. Questions you should ask your partner:

What are your long term career goals?

Understanding the goals of your partner will enlighten you by finding out what is his desire. You will know whether you have the same professional goals and things that are more important to your partner than his career.

What are your short term career goals?

Short-term professional goals will discover how much your partner is motivated. If there is no short-term goals in professional life, perhaps its only a period when he is dedicated to something else, such as family.

How you plan to fulfill your goals?

Your partner has plans for the next few years, but if they are achievable? If they are not, it’s only dreams, written on a piece of paper. Maybe you need to lead him through his dreams became reality. Are you ready for this step?

What do you think of my plans?

This question will answer many things about his character. Is he jealous? Is he a pessimist? Will he be excited? Depends on what answer your partner will give you, you will have an idea of how he will behave in your relationship, whether he is going to support in your dreams

What you have achieved in the last five years? Is that what you wanted to achieve?

Five years is quite a long period, sufficient for anyone to change his life. People change their lives for a few months, imagine what you can do for five years! This is a great question because it will answer you, whether he is working enough on his goals. If your partner has fulfilled what he wanted the past five years, the chances are great to continue to do the same. The relationship with this kind of a man, who is fulfilling his dreams, will surely have a good influence on you.

What is your morning routine?

With this question, you will get an answer that will clarify many things, because the “day is known by the morning”. If someone is productive in the morning, it means that he has a purpose and responsibility and will work hard to achieve his dreams.

These questions will clarify many things about your partner, and the most important is whether they act positively or negatively on your career.