Ideal partner. Women in men are looking for one thing, and that is …



What makes men a perfect partners? Abs on the stomach? Bank account? Knight in shining armor? Not. The most important single thing for women is reliability.
Well, men should first of all know that it does not mean the fact that you have a long term relationship with your partner or that you have never cheated her, writes The Independent. Even though these things are crucial for the trust in the relationship, reliability is more than that.

Why is reliability so important?

Once fathers were the most crucial factor when it comes to the health and success of children considering that in the past only the fathers were man of the house who provide financial and moral safety the family. Some of this it is practiced nowadays
When fathers are not with their children, it is more likely children to be living in poor material conditions, to have bad grades in school and as likely to have emotional and behavioral problems such as problems with drugs and crime.
Besides, these children are more prone to suicide. This is why women are looking for a reliable man.

Women sometimes are not aware that they are looking exactly this quality in men

The man who wants to be with the woman for a night or have serious intentions, must be aware of its needs.
In fact, women sometimes wonder: Is it reliable? Can I count on him and trust him ?.
So should very carefully consider before things get more serious.


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