The incredible effects of lemon oil

Who would have thought that the lemon oil is a solution for almost all of our problems? Look at the amazing health benefits of this magical oil ..
Kills the bacteria
Laboratory tests made on Escherichia coli and salmonella found in apple juice showed that the lemon oil, among other essential oils, has a significant role in the treatment against these bacteria. Keeping this fact in mind, it’s not surprising that the lemon juice is among the essential ingredients in the cleaning products. Water, vinegar and lemon is perfect combination that easily and quickly helps you to get rid of bacteria in your home.
Improves the mood
Studies show that lemon is a fantastic solution when it comes to bad mood. The trick is in using the lemon oil as the main ingredient in aromatherapy. Especially compared to the essential oil of lavender, the lemon oil effects in improving the mood with far greater intensity.
It is effectively used as a cleaning product and air freshener
Because natural is natural, and there is no person on the planet who does not like the smell of lemon, that’s why the housewives use it. Considering that the smell of lemon associated with fresh and clean, and the fact that lemon oil destroys the bacteria, the homemade polish product of lemon oil which it acts as air freshener is a really good idea, do you agree?
Keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh
It acts amazing, right? But the fact is that washing of the fruits and vegetables with a mixture of water and lemon oil successfully assisted in keeping them fresh and delicious for a while. Additionally, kills all the bacteria in their environment.
Fruit frresh
Prevents dizziness and vomiting urges
Knowing that the drugs as tablets, syrups and much else can eventually harm the fetus, a lot of pregnant women are increasingly looking to herbal medicines who are natural based. Some of the usual troubles of pregnant women are certainly dizziness and frequent urges to vomit, which proved that the lemon oil can be of great help.
Calms the burns from jellyfish
We all at least once in our lives have been burned by venom of jellyfish, so there is no need to talk about the pain they caused . But although there are already quite natural remedies that calms these burns, the lemon oil has proved one of the more successful and more effective ways. The same proved true as when a diver in 2014 suffered severe burns from jellyfish, but none of the usual treatments such as a cold compress or hot water did not helped.
Successfully repels mosquitoes
According to a study conducted earlier this year, though it may sound untrue, the lemon oil is one of eight essential oils that successfully help in the fight against mosquitoes. Furthermore in combination with vanilla, the effect is more lasting. Most wonderful in this is that this combination you can make yourself in a very short time.
It helps to treat the fungal infections
Yeast infections are, unfortunately, very common. Fungi (Candida) are present all around us, forming colonies of our skin and the protective membranes. While fighting these infections is difficult, the lemon oil can really helps you as an effective natural remedy for treating Candida.


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