Little secrets of great seductress: How to make him fall in love with you

The secret is not hiding in a magic potion, but in the next 5 things!!
Place of living plays a major role in the love life, because love at distance is more difficult to to maintain and might comes to cooling the feelings. Of course there are exceptions at people on distance who function very well, but it is certainly a lot easier to maintain a relationship if the person you love is nearby. There is study made that shows that couples who live farther more often break their relationship than couples who are living in the same town or neighborhood.
We all like and we are looking for people who are smart, funny, and who knows how to make us smile and cheer us up. Therefore be a person like that and there is no man that will resist! Persons with much confidence and believe in themselves, achieve much better emotional connection and are more likeable to other people.
The similarities
Often we hear that the opposites attract, we have to add that this is quite discussable when it comes to love. People usually choose partners who are suitable for them and with similar characteristics like them. Couples who have similar characteristics, temper and behavior have more chances to remain together for a long time and well functioning.
Believe it or not most of the people falls in love with the turbulent and unstable periods of their lives. It is believed that periods like these are convenient time for falling in love Very good example for this is the love that is used as a remedy and consolation in difficult times or love on vacation when the emotions are more intense.
How to get somebody to like you and to fall in love with you? There is no doubt: be beautiful and attractive. Make sure that you look good. More important to men is the look of the opposite sex, while more important to women is the inner beauty and psychological side of the man. This does not mean that they do not notice good looking man. Change your hairstyle, dress more stylish, work on improving your physique, lose weight, be in shape and in form! No doubt that this will attract your future loved one.


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