Maintain your long relationship – several things that have to be part of your ‘To Do list’




We are aware of the fact that men are less talkative persons and that in many situations prefer to be quiet than to argue for hours. However this does not mean that they do not need to talk to someone, and someone to support them and who will listen for hours. Regardless you are for many years in relationship and you know each of his action, do not forget that he is only a man who need a little chat with his gentler half. However, no one will understand him better than you!


Those cute little surprises are always welcomed, regardless of the fact that you do not need to prove yourself anymore, or to seduce as before! This way you save the relationship from monotony, which at least once will knock on the door of your relationship!


Experiment in sex

After a few years in a relationship, when you are confident that you know everything about your partner, you remain in certain poses and movements without much fantasy and innovations and that is quite alright! But imagine to spend a lifetime making the absolutely the same things in bed … You would probably be tired from the thought! Therefore, you must always to open up for new things in your bed!

Thank you

No matter that he knows very well that you worship him and are thankful for the attention you get, is not bad occasionally to say “thank you.” Perhaps at the first moment you think that is unnecessary and that he certainly knows, but words like these can mean a lot!



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