Makeup trends for fall 2015

The autumn arrives, and with it came new and beautiful and inspiring colors and trend. In addition see what will be in this season when it comes to makeup

Forget mascara in one layer. What is required this fall is so-called spider eyelashes. So buy a good, thick mascara that offers the effect of artificial eyelashes.


Black is back on the scene
The eyes, lips, nails. Black smokey eyes are back in a big way. Just be careful not to look untidy. And do not forget to apply a mandatory base with


Red lipstick

It’s not enough lipstick to be just red. This fall requiring dark red lipstick in shades of dark wine or plum. Be sure to apply a good and required to put pencil in


Bronze eyeshadow
This year, forget the gold and silver, bronze shade because a complete hit!


No makeup-makeup
A trend that not goes out of fashion. If you are in fear, then this is your strength, you will look quite natural with makeup that will not be noticeable at first glance.
You need only primer / base, powder and concealer. On the eyes put eyeliner and mascara, blush on the cheeks and lips shine. You can also style youreyebrows. And that’s it.


So what is your choise?


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