Men revealed what they love on women’s face


Forget about the impressive makeup and hypocritical smile. Guys want something completely different.
If you were among those who think that the guys do not want just attractive girls and sexy clothing, – then you were right!

They finally gave their most attracts: FACE!

These are some things from a long list:

When she looks at me, and I gently move the hair from her face.

This is so normal for us. That means – I am glad that I have a girlfriend like you and enjoy the time spent with you.

When the sun will make freckles on her face

Usually, people who have freckles, think they are weird and ugly, but all the others like them. It’s just like those who have straight hair – want to have curls.

When unconsciously bites her lips while reading a book

This is so sexy! Maybe one of the sexiest things she can do.

When she looks in my eyes

Maybe it’s a cliché, but it is! Many songs have been written exactly because of this.

Cheek dimples

Her smile and the two gorgeous dimpled cheeks – there is nothing more beautiful! Nobody knows why they like them, but are very cute to them.

The grimace she makes when she is upset

Yes, sometimes we deliberately annoying girls, but that’s just because it looks irresistible when she is annoyed and when she makes that funny face.

Smile after she saw me coming

When I think of all my problems, my pressure is growing. But then I thought of her look and already everything is easier.

The expression of her face, before we kiss

That view cannot be described, it is the reason why men want to surprise the girls with kisses. All day long.

Slightly highlighted cheeks and cheekbones

High cheekbones look fantastic on any girl.