My father taught me…

My father gave it to me the most beautiful gift that I today I present to others, and that is trust.


In the lives of girls, fathers are playing a key role and which subsequently affects their future life. Once the girl has to grow up and clashed directly with the entire world outside from protective embrace of his father.

My father really taught me the most important life lessons and these principles need to know all the girls.

He taught me that I am really special. For days he was told that each person brings something special and specifically in and that over the years managed to seize the good.

He said that it is important and I’m happy it helped me search for my other half.

My father taught me that you deserve the best in life. The various ways he tried to teach me how important it is to have confidence and to never give up on my dreams.

It taught me how despite all the lows in life to stay strong enough and to fight with all the difficulties.

As much as we want our father will stay beside us in every moment of our lives and he knows exactly why her daughter learns endurance.

Never be too strict with your daughter, but learn it as she herself be controlled in certain situations.

Self-discipline is the key link in the lives of girls and this lesson enable them exactly fathers.

Being a parent is the most difficult thing that life will ever do, but it teaches you that unconditional love.
The obligation of the father to show her that her daughter’s love.


Therefore the girl develop her inner world and she knows what it takes unconditional love and how to find it in the future.

So fathers, do not forget to give away all his time and attention to their daughters.


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