Purify yourselves. Groceries that will remove fat from your body


After the winter months where you ate larger quantities of meat products, conserved products, salty, fatty and so on. Now it is time slightly to purify your body.
These are the groceries that can help the body to get rid of fat within a short period of time.


Springtime cereal which is perfect for dealing with excess weight and cellulite. It is best to start the day with barley products.


With the arrival of spring, a lot of us have problems with the iron in the blood. Sprouts from green soybeans, radishes and other foods with extremely large amounts of minerals, and should be eaten raw or short any scalding.

Green leafy vegetables

You should include this in every meal: carrots leaves, radishes, turnips, broccoli, wild herbs, nettle, chard, spinach. Boil briefly in a little water, put a little lemon juice and olive oil and enjoy in your meal. Green leafy vegetables are especially recommended for women. It cleanses the body of toxins, but has many minerals also.


Peas and beans

It stimulates the liver to more efficient operation, and the high content of fiber will raise the entire digestive system, which will help especially to those, who because of the fatty foods have constipation problems.


You should eat sour food from time to time. Use lemon juice for dressing, homemade apple vinegar, and sometimes vinegar.

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