How quicker and easier to a flat stomach?


Remember these tips and get started with exercise, today!

Start your day with a cup of hot water and lemon

This combination effectively is waking up your metabolism and the digestive system, prepares our body for all tasks that await him.

Drink more water

If you are dehydrated, you actually keep a lot of water, that is bad for the body. Stay hydrated by during the day to enter the fluid in your body. Best thing would be to add the lemon into the water, also to achieve and detoxification.

Avoid milk products

We did not say not to consume those products, but only before an important event when you need to wear for example tight dress.

Avoid salty foods

The body because of salt, retains the water, so just spice your food with pepper.

Flat stomach

Chew your food good and slow

Is very important to chew the food well, so it can be converted into much softer condition. It will help the digestive process. It is often bloating to be caused by poor digestion, so by chewing the food good, you avoid making hard and inflated abdomen.
Also when you eat too fast, you swallow air and therefore bloating may occurs.


Speed up your metabolism and make muscles of the abdomen. Although it is not simply in the schedule find time for doing exercise, the good thing is that exercise for the abdomen can do anywhere, even at work, while sitting on an office chair, Straighten up and tighten the shoulder back. Take a deep breath and during exhalation, tighten the abdomen. Repeat this as much as you can. Very soon you will notice results.

Use the stairs

Everybody knows that you should use the stairs instead of the elevator. But what if you try to make five jumps in the air, on every level? In addition, raise your knees as much as possible to feel the tightening.

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