For which reason each of the Zodiac signs usually ends a relationship?



If you are at the beginning in a new relationship, sometimes can be difficult to find exactly what your partner expects from you. But if you believe in astrology, then it might help to understand better the person besides you, and be sure that your relationship will move in the right direction.


Members of this sign are very independent, with a lot of enthusiasm and ready for adventure. Through their lives they need a dose of thrills and adrenaline, so the lazy and not independent partner do not attract them. They need a person which energy is consistent with theirs.


What is important for people born in this sign is the stability and peace. By nature are very meticulous and want to do things a certain way. They need impulsive partners who do not think about the consequences before doing something important.


They are very funny, communicative and spiritual, and therefore would be reconciled beside a person who is able to follow their minds that is constantly dreaming. . They do not want nobody to descend them to the ground, so from their partner seek understanding for hopping with his friends.


Cancer is trustworthy, very loyal and caring. Because the relationship with people they value a lot, from its partner are looking to agree with their friends and family. Irritating when someone does not show compassion to others.


Love the attention and admiration, they would appreciate their partner only if they indicate that they are the center of his or her world. They did not spend their time for a person believed that “shines” more than themselves.


Members of this sign are practical, responsible and meticulous. They appreciate the order and responsibility at work. That’s why could never stay long beside a person living in the dream world.


This sign could not live without their friends. Always in motion, they want to meet new people and need appropriate partners who are independent and always eager for fun.


Although considered the most jealous, but when it comes to people from trust, they are extremely passionate and loyal. But if once you lose their trust, be sure it is forever.


Sagittarians whole life are seeking adventure, as well and partner who will enjoy alongside them as they explore the world. They do not like to have beside them a person who would rather be sitting at home and watch a movie rather than living their life outdoors.


This sign is very responsible and at the same stubborn. Or will their own way, or anybody’s. Have no patience for people with children’s character, nor for those who easily give up their goals.


They are prone to rebellious behavior and sarcastic statements. This is exactly why they need open-minded person or somebody who considers in a similar way as them because otherwise wouldn’t have stayed up long into the relationship.


Can be very sensitive and emotional and always need attention and expression of love. They will not remain in relationship with someone who is not completely dedicated, because they need to feel loved and respected.


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