Why you should regularly consume kefir

Kefir is a mixture rich in probiotics which is known as a traditional medicine because it improves the digestive tract, is excellent for detoxification and lowers blood cholesterol levels.
Kefir is a beverage which is produced by fermentation of milk and kefir granules, which are composed of live probiotic cultures and fungi (yeast). Mixture of fermented milk and mentioned fungus provides beverage that contains dietary nutrients, proteins and lipids.
Kefir has a really long tradition and the recipe comes from East Asian countries. Kephir, has sour taste and many positive effects on health. The name “kefir” is of Armenian origin and means prosperity.


It cleanses the body and helps in weight loss

Besides probiotics which are suitable for stomach (at least 40 different probiotics), kefir contains vitamins, especially the B group, minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus) and protein.

When it comes to vitamins of the B group, the most abundant is vitamin B9. Also, the combination of B vitamins with magnesium and calcium makes kefir excellent for the nervous system and against false hunger and need for food.

Why should you drink kefir daily?

• Stimulates digestion and prevents constipation
• Removes toxins, enhances immunity and metabolic functions
• Studies show that it is very effective in lowering cholesterol
• It is excellent for treating bronchitis, inflammation of the liver and kidney problems
• Kefir is an excellent means to win flatulence stomach
• Helps in strengthening bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.


How to prepare homemade kefir?

About half liter kefir will be needed half a liter of milk and two teaspoons of kefir grains. The milk that you use may be by your choice: cow, sheep, goat, high or low fat. Place the milk in a glass jar and add the grains. Allow the jar at room temperature until thickened. In addition, in the bottom of the jar can be created whey. You can stir the mixture to check the density. Before consuming stir and drain through the strainer.

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