Sex when you have a child. 5 basic rules that you must not forget


Children are the greatest joy of the parents, but be realistic – ever know to be tough, especially when you want to have time for yourself and your partner, and when you want to “play around”. Sex when you have children is not impossible, but is a challenge.
These are a few rules to which must be followed if you want to have sex when you have children:

Keep quiet

This is the most important rule if you want to have privacy. Forget about loud moaning and sex sighing. The best would it be if every desire that you have,to whisper to your partner.

Prepare yourself well

Do not forget to lock the door and prepare whatever you need for the love act. While making love under the quilt is difficult to perform, it is better to do your best, than to allow your child to see you this way.

Be creative

If your child still does not know to walk, not much to bother you. However, when will grow enough, then the problem arises. Do not always has to be in the bedroom, there are a bunch of rooms that can be locked. Indulge your imagination.

Get Involved

Sometimes it happens the sex is not appealing to you. However, allow your partner to convince you otherwise. It is necessary to remind that you are not only a mother, but a woman too. This inconvenience that you can feel at the beginning can be for a few minutes, if your opinion does not change, at any time should stop acts of love.

Be pedantic and careful

Do not forget to remove the “evidence.” Indeed risk of meet with children’s questions about those strange “balloons” that have found. You may not be able to express your enjoyment with sound effects or be spontaneous as before, but believe that sex will continue to be fantastic.

Sex is a natural thing and besides release of endorphin and strengthen the relationship with your partner, it reminds you that you have some other roles, except parents.


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