Techniques of dyeing the hair for this summer

After ombre technique that gradually lightens hair from dark to bright shade, is the turn of hair strobing, then the balayage and now appears a new technique of dyeing hair called lived-in.
Actually this is a new technique of shading with a natural looking hair, but under the influence of the sun even more is lighting up.
It is very important to keep it as a more natural and should be done in discrete shades of hair. Good thing is that this new trend just as well suits blondes, those with dark hair and of redheads, which is the main reason for its quick and widespread popularity.


For blondes: Babylights


This trend is perfect for spring, because with its help you can refresh your color, because the additional layer of color to your hair will give a whole new look. Darker blondes are supposed to lighten their hair with bright strands (babylights), which look quite natural, hair will be brighter as been exposed on the sun.
The ladies who have dark roots are not supposed to worry because they can be even more attractive. Dark roots can give your hair a summer look that gets over sunbathing on the beach.

For those with black hair: Bronde


Bronde is a perfect mix of blond and brown color. It especially suitable for natural black hair, because it gives a soft, bright tones that will lighten their hair like the sun.
These girls should pay attention to the black root, because of it, the hair begins to receive shades of light blonde color-from the root towards the peaks. This color suits excellent to girls with lighter skin.
By the time you will try the brond technique of dyeing hair, you will notice one thing – you will look much younger. The dark colors are able to add years, so by adding bright shades around the face, you will have a younger look.


For redheads: Strawberry blonde

The natural red hair can refresh its appearance, if they dye their hair strawberry blonde . This trend is perfect for spring / summer, because of his reddish hair color. It looks beautifully in daylight and perfectly suits women with lighter skin. However these unusual colors are not only for light skin, look equally good on dark. If you want to achieve the effect of density of hair, add a bit brown shades.




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