The healing benefits of saffron


Many have noted that long-term use of saffron improves sight, but all the efforts of scientists to detect an active substance that acts were not successful.
Under Saffron (Crocus sativus) we mean medical herb and spice, with intense yellow to orange color, which is related primarily to India (which is the largest producer), but the plant thrives in other geographic climates.

Once picked, stigmas are removed from the purple flower. They must be air-dried for 24 hours. The Saffron spice has red-orange color, with characteristic smell and sweet and sour taste. The quantity of 200 mg of standardized saffron contains 19.7 mg / g of crocin and 0.25 mg / g safranal, and also is used for medical purposes, especially erectile dysfunction, with a low immune system after convalescence and in other disease states (psoriasis).
It has been proved its antidepressant, anticancer and aphrodisiac effect. In the last 15 years there are published a dozen studies on the medicinal effects of saffron and all results (including those with double-blind probe) were positive.In some countries people make tea from saffron, who has a very specific taste and color.


Not all saffron have the same quality and the same content of medicinal substances. Among the better ones is the Mexican and American, which usually end up on the US-Canadian territory. The EU is dominated by Spanish which is very expensive, but much weaker in terms of content of medicinal substances. Besides riboflavin saffron contains an abundance of carotenoids. The presence of crocetin in saffron, provides protection from oxidation of cholesterol, which means that it can have a beneficial effect in reducing body fat in our body.
Since the use of saffron is very popular in some (southern) parts of Spain, many believe that use of saffron is a result of low morbidity of cardiovascular disease, particularly atherosclerosis.

Many have noted that long-term use of saffron improves sight, but all the efforts of scientists to detect an active substance, were not successful. Maybe it was the saffron, and perhaps a combination of saffron and a third substance. But it is certain that riboflavin, vitamin B-2 has a beneficial effect on migraine and people with chronic migraines recommends eating their meals with saffron spice.



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