The healthy effects of Yellow tea


There is nothing better from a cup of tea that delay aging, normalize blood pressure and helps you with weight loss?

Yellow tea is many times has been identified with green because both are made from the same plant – “Camelia Sinensis”.

Тhese two teas are different in the way when the herb is picked. When preparing yellow tea herb is picked earlier and it is thought thus contains a lot more antioxidants since when the herb will grow further.

Yellow tea, like green, contains a large percentage of caffeine and is not recommended to drink it before bedtime.

Although it is good for your health, drinking yellow tea is a good way to lose weight.

Combining this tea with healthy food can help us to lose up to 5 kg a month.

Drinking a cup of tea per day is excellent for your health, it will calm your nerves, your concentration will be increased and most important is, that it is good for rejuvenation.

Just one cup of tea before every meal will help you in weight loss, or a cup of tea per day for the other health effects.