The irony of every horoscope sign

All the 12 signs in the Zodiac have a dark, ironic side that skillfully tries to hide it from the rest.

Some succeed in this, and some neglectfully or unintentionally let this negativity to get out, since obviously are not enough good actors, to withstand the acting to the end.

How does the ironic side look for each sign?



He publicly says he hates people who cause other people to argue, and yet Aries is the one who initiates and starts the argue first, for every important or non-important thing.



You may find it hard to believe, but the Taurus’s condemn stubborn people, which is of course terribly ironic and hypocritical of them.


Gemini want people to  be open and honest with them, and they, on the other hand, adore playing hot and cold, or are too aggressive or very passive to others.



Hates to listen to emotional outbursts of other people are annoyed when somebody come in looking for a solution to a problem of an emotional nature, although this sign every day experiences the same turbulent dramas.


Leo always wants to be in the center of attention and at the same time wants to be left alone, away from everyone.



This sign hates people who complain and find faults, and it is first always to find some remarks, comments and constantly complains about it.



Respects people who act seriously, and the Libra is always the first mood for jokes and hates people who behave immature.


Scorpio is taken out of the touch by people who are dependent on something or someone, and in principle as a sign can be quite dependent on some vices. When they bond to a person, they do not release it for anything in the world.



Wants to act in front of people as cool and relaxed, and in fact he loses his mind for the tiny, unimportant things. Things that you would never pay attention to, the Sagittarius will manage to annoy or offend.



Never to reveal his feelings, but will ask you 20 times in a row how do you feel about them and do you truly love them. And, if possible to prove it, because the words do not have much meaning for them.



Members of this sign always offer advice and care for everybody else’s health, except for their own. They will warn you several times that you should go to regular examinations, even though they have not been physically examined by a doctor from a systematic examination in a primary school.



Pisces cannot be understood by people who are difficult to adapt to changes and those who cannot go through some things, and they themselves can hold anger for several years. They forgive very hard and forgetting even hard

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