Few tips for applying a matte lipstick

For quite some time, thanks to the the ladies who popularized matte carmine are an absolute hit on the market. Because of its texture and the effect without gloss that need to create, matte carmine usually leave feeling of dryness and tightening on the lips. So read the next few tips that will serve for easier application and why these lipsticks would look flawless on your lips during the entire day.


1. Make a lip peeling

Although commonly is recommended rubbing the with a toothbrush, it is usually pretty rough, especially if your skin is sensitive. Instead of a brush, use a thin cotton tissue or towel of soft material, with which each night would gently rub the lips and thus remove dead cells.

2. Every color suit you!

Matt carmine, except the feeling of dryness which leaves on your lips, may often look and create a illusion that every shade does not look as good. So before applying lipstick on the lips, apply a bit of liquid powder you use, which between your lips and lipstick will create a neutral layer that will additionally intensify the shade of lipstick.

3. Without brush

Usually when applying a cosmetic product, it is recommended to be applied by brush make-up. When it comes to carmine, this is not such a good solution. The lipstick should be applied directly to the lips, because only so evenly will blot.

matt lipstick

4. Lip Liner

It sounds unusual, but believe that provides the best effects! In fact, instead of the usual applying liner before applying lipstick, apply the liner first, then lipstick. Only in this way you will avoid the futile attempts to draw precise lines and outlined lips flawlessly.

5. Removing lipstick

Although matte lipstick is removed little harder than ordinary, even from the other make-up, there is a solution for this. Instead of removing aggressive cleaners or wipes for wiping makeup, do it with a sponge and mild cream or body lotion. They shall remove all traces of lipstick.

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