Tips for healthy and beautiful skin in summer


Summer is time for rest and many hours spent in the sun, so you first need to select the appropriate cream with SPF.


There is nothing worse than a sunburn, which are tightened and uncomfortable, and often know a lot to hurt. Moreover, we know that excessive sunbathing accelerates the aging? So – UV protection!

The wardrobe is not the only thing that should be restored when the spring. And your dressing case should be settled so that winter skin care and beauty products should also be changed for summer products. In summer you need light creams, creams with SPF, less makeup, perhaps you need waterproof makeup and because of the great heat. Your skin more will suit summer “lighter” products rather than those “tough” and “strong”, maybe even in oil (for winter skin is drier) that you have used during the winter.

Speaking of heat, quite naturally, in the summer a lot more we sweat, which on one hand is good because that way the body gets rid of toxins and harmful substances. However, thus is losing fluid from the body and therefore should be recoverable. In summer you should drink a lot more water for the skin to be hydrated, healthy and beautiful. It is always handy to have some water for you to wash and freshen up. This especially include those who practice or have any physical activity.

Did you forget your lips! They need care and must always keep on hand balm to make them soft and gentle. Nobody likes cracked and dry lips!

Finally, unless proper care and drinking enough water, you know that you still need proper and balanced diet. In fact, many fruits and vegetables, vitamins and protein will “work” for you and your beautiful skin.