What every optimist eats for breakfast …


The first meal of the day says a lot about your attitude, toward the cup that is half full or half discharged. These are small differences that make your meal optimistic…

Optimists eat fresh products

 Starting the day with a serving plate full of fresh vegetables and fruits can make you more joyful.

Research done of over 281 young interviewee shows that those who were taking prescribed dose of 7-8 small servings of fruits and vegetables have a much better mood than those who did not make it. Additionally, salad morning can satisfy.

The optimists have routines

 Their first choice is always foods that know and be able to prepare with your eyes closed, quite useful when we are sleepy in the morning, while the stress that occurs when you do not have time and you need to figure out what to take to eat you reduce.

The optimists prepare their food

 Prepared breakfast reduces your morning chaos when you have to prepare and get to the workplace or classroom. Psychologists say that this little routine leaves you satisfied and happy with your adaptable behavior, and when we are fulfilled we are pleased and optimistic set.

The optimists eat what is tasty for them

 Eat food that really satisfies your senses. Do not eat foods that need just because it’s healthy or not malfunction. Rather eat the food that’s really

delicious and through the abdomen improve your mood.