Your kids going to love it. Homemade hazelnut spread



We are well-known the hazelnuts spread , but as we know it is extremely caloric and can be unhealthy.

But it is difficult to resist, and therefore this time we have created a recipe for “healthy version,” which is made from several ingredients – cocoa powder, nuts and butter.


100g cocoa butter
200g hazelnuts
40g cocoa powder
one teaspoon vanilla extract
200ml cooking soy cream
130m agave syrup


Put the hazelnuts in a dry frying pan and fry them easily, then place them in kitchen towel and rub with your hands. At the same time steam to melt the cocoa butter. Grind the hazelnuts until they get a mixture like butter. In the obtained butter add the cocoa powder, vanilla extract, agave syrup and cream for cooking.

When the mixture becomes smooth add the melted cocoa butter (which previously was slightly cooled). Mix all the ingredients well and then leave for a while to cool.


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