Only 3 minutes a day. Exercise which will completely shape your body!




It is about only two exercises that can strengthen your body, especially the buttocks. For performing is required only 3 minutes per day and guarantees fantastic results.


Kayla Itsines is an Australian fitness instructor, that is popular on social media, she created plenty of exercise which requires to have only 3 minutes per day, that will strengthen your body, especially the buttocks.

Doubled kneeling

Spread your feet parallel with the shoulders. Easy separate your fingers outward. Extend the hips backward and bend the knees a little and start lowering your buttocks toward the ground. Then straighten your legs a little, to allow the buttocks to raise a few centimeters up. Repeat this 10 times. For this exercise you need just a minute.

Push Ups with hopping

Kneel down, put your hands on the ground quickly start throw your feet back, to come into position for push-ups. Go back to the initial position and then straighten with lifted hands over your head. Keep repeating this exercise daily for about 3 minutes.

Check out her video.