Treatment with just two ingredients which removes the fat


Because of the rapid way of life, poor diet and lack of physical activities, increased fat in the blood is a disease these days.Rarely on increased fat can be noted layers of fat in yellow color in the form of plates or nodules on the upper eyelid or some other body parts.

By progression of the disease it comes to broadens the walls of blood vessels, atherosclerosis for which contribute other factors (smoking, alcohol), and the consequence of all that, unfortunately, usually the cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause factors of death worldwide.
If you have a increased fat in the blood, we recommend this product because it has helped many.
Ingredients are: dried figs and apple cider vinegar.


Do this treatment at night and apply it the next morning. Take three dried figs and nicely pierce them with a toothpick from all sides then place them in a glass container in which you poured two deciliters apple cider vinegar .

Let this mixture to stand overnight and the next morning eat the three pickled figs. The remainder of the vinegar do not throw away, but in the same vinegar next night reinsert three figs which will prepare in the same way.

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