10 signs that you’re bitter of love



You have recently came out of a long relationship or have been rejected and your heart was broken, so now you do not even think of falling in love again and to be with someone? You might think that you are strong and independent, but there is a possibility you are a little bitter. There is nothing more difficult than when a loved one in which you believe it will hurt you and betray you. And if you are tempted to say the sentence “All men are the same”, think again and remember that not all men are the same, but only for those few. Do not look at it as a tragedy but as a lesson and an opportunity for personal development. It’s okay to feel tired, lonely and anxious.
You feel stronger and that’s great, but you have to ask yourself: Have you become bitter? When your friend you complained about some simple little thing which has made her partner, if your instinctive response was “Leave him”? Even if you said it as a joke, consider why that thought is the first that comes on your mind.

Bitter girl

These few signs will help you to find out if you might have started to have too many bitter and negative attitude when it comes to love.

  • You say¬†immediately all to break up with their partners because of the smallest mistakes.
  • When you hear about a divorce or breaking of a relationship, in yourself you say “I knew it”.
  • While watching romantic comedies repeatedly you make sarcastic comments and you can not believe how much unreal nonsense appear as real and possible.
  • When you hear that a friend of yours became engaged, you stop to follow his Facebook profile.
  • When someone from your company will enter into a relationship, you start to bet on how long it will last.
  • The only person you trust when it says that you are beautiful is your drunk friend, and only when you’re drunk.
  • Your excited pregnant friend claimed that her husband would be a great dad, and you laugh at it and say, ‘Yeah, sure. Good luck”.
  • Someone tells you how amazing spiritual connection there is with his partner to you and immediately you feel sick.
  • When a cute guy will ask for the number, you are wondering “Why?”.

Proudly you answered yes to most questions listed.