How to build a solid loving relationship?


It is not enough routinely to repeat “I love you” to maintain unbreakable connection. Indestructible relationships require a lot to be built, and even more to maintain harmony, romance, trust, intimacy and connection between partners.

But they are not mission impossible and unattainable romantic dream. Here’s what you should pay attention to not allow cracks in the relationship:build-solid-loving-relationship

Love like children and behave as adults. Love freely, naively, without borders, let the child in you wakes up whenever you are together. Do not create a fortress around your heart. But behave responsibly when you make a serious decision.

The best of friendship paste it into a relationship. Consider what makes best friends irreplaceable. Is it unreserved confidence, the ability to be vulnerable in front of them, or the belief that the relationship between you can withstand the strongest storms? Transfer beautiful “gifts” of friendship into love relationship. Remember, true friends respect themselves just the way they are and not try to change each other.

Get to know his world, but show him and yours. To know the living map of the beloved, but he also yours, is a big step for a stronger relationship. Everyone is expecting different things from love, love in your own way, lusting to realize his romantic dreams. Find out what’s most important to your partner, peek in his childhood, find out his fantasies, be aware of the challenges he faces and celebrate his victories.

Balance between dependence and independence. We are all dependent to a certain point. Small dose of dependence is as a spice to the relationship, but complete dependency means the loss of identity and call for disappointment and unhappiness. Talk to to your partner how much you need him, but not choke him. Be close enough to maintain intimacy, but distant enough to have your own identity and you can sometimes miss each other.

Cut the root of the problem before it grows up. Do not let impatience to pile between you. Facing the problems before they let deep roots that leave gaps even if you manage to eradicate.

Keep the sparks in the bedroom through experimentation and spontaneity. It is easier to have the sexual spark at the beginning of the relationship, but to keep the fire alight is a challenge. Be spontaneous and do not be afraid of experimenting in sex. Physical love is irreplaceable piece of the puzzle called strong relationship.

Do not seek perfection when you know that it don’t exist. Love is born when we find the perfect person, but when you learn to see the imperfect person as perfect.

Do not forget that your partner is not to blame for your bad day. Everyday tasks increase our impatience and anger often steer to loved ones. Try not to transfer the anger on your partner. It is poison to any relationship.

The smile is a curve line that could get everything straightened, so use it frequently. Remove the sour expression of your face and start to laugh more often. Perhaps the smile can not change the world, but it has the power to change yours.