How can you notice that you like him

Although it is easiest to approach and say, “I like you”, but however this approach is not exactly the most desirable because you can act strange.
We believe that the most of men know how to recognize when a lady likes them and know how to take initiative, sometimes you have to encourage them a little.


It is simple. If he sees you smiling he will feel that you are comfortable in his company, and that’s the thing that every man wants to feel.

Start to communicate

Some men are afraid to start a conversation with a girl because too many times have been denied.
You know you like him, but he probably does not know it, so why not show it.


Statistics show that women talk a lot and listen a little.
If you want to show him that you are interested first step is listening to what he talks about.

Ask him questions

The lady who asks questions and sub questions gives the impression she wanted to know more about him, and the men definitely “fall” on it.

Be active on social networks

If you want to put it clear that you like him, put on a Like to his posts or photos. Facebook is the perfect place to break the ice, so why not use

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