Do you drink coffee on an empty stomach? Immediately stop …

For us all it is a well known that the coffee is good for our body, but still you are not supposed to drink if you have not eat your breakfast yet, especially in the morning.

If you drink one cup of coffee without having your breakfast, it results in to the dismissal of hydrochloric acid inside our digestive system. If you are already suffering from gastritis, you probably have already felt it.


The acid has a role in understanding of the food in our stomach. When you are eating something “hard”, it can cause difficulties with digestion, because you get to difficulty in decompose of the proteins.

When proteins are not completely decomposed, it may occur other problems such as inflammatory bowel disease, bloated stomach, irritation and even colon cancer.

Due to these reasons, the experts are warning never to drink coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning. Reason why is that it will raise cortisol levels very quick and the body will need a while to return to normal.


Also, drinking cup of coffee on an empty stomach, will raise secretion of acid in your stomachthat could result in vomiting and bloating.

So, you need to drink your coffee one hour after waking. It means that you must eat anything before, so even one piece of bread.

If you are the kind of person who could not start the day without coffee, there is a trick which you can use to lower the harmful effects – add some milk or butter in coffee.

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