Drinks that we drink every day, and are destroying our body


While we all are aware that is bad for our health, a lot of people does not know the negative sides of soft drinks on our organism. According to scientific research, here are few unwanted things that can happen to your body.


The first 10 minutes
Just one glass of soft drinks contains approximately ten spoons of sugar, which is above the permitted daily dose. Furthermore soft drinks contain phosphorus, that gives the drink sweet taste.
After 20 minutes
The glucose and insulin level are increased, which may lead in converting of glucose in to fat.
After 40 minutes
The caffeine is fully absorbed in the body after 40 minutes. The blood flow is increased, the liver produce more glucose in the blood. Your brain starts to block hormone Adenosine receptors , which prevents fatigue.
After 45 minutes
The dopamine secretion are increased, which can make you to feel better, with similar effect just like the one that heroin gives.
After 50 minutes
Phosphoric acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc and  may lead to digestion. It is associated with a lot of amounts of glucose and sweeteners, that restrain the excretion of calcium by urination.
After 60 minutes
The effect of caffeine starts to affect and all minerals, like magnesium, calcium and zinc are imposed on the the bones, and then secreted trough urination.
After more than an hour
Placement of  glucose through the body is in the final stage. You feel very energetic, but expect common mood changes.
Alongside soft drinks, from the body is excreted all the water and all the necessary nutrients for the  body to function. At the end, the risk of catching diabetes increases.


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