Forget about him quickly and easy – a manual for broken hearts


If you look back, surely you know yourself that ending a relationship is not the easiest period, and if you are currently in the process of break up, these five steps will help you get over it all a little easier. Here’s how …

Step one: Delete!

From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and from mobile phone. The less is present in your life, the less you will be forced to write or call him, or worse – to cry for him.

Step two: Save the friendship for later

Maybe you can be friends, but not now. Now is the time when you need to get rid of his whole presence. Everything will be just a false hope that one day you’ll be together.

Step Three: Stop to follow his every move

Even if we Remove him from your live, social networks allow smoothly to observe and think what will be if you are together again. This in no way eases the process for recovery of pain.

Fourth step: Start to meet new people

We know you are still not ready, but will never be if you do not start now! You should not immediately find a new boyfriend, but it’s good to remind yourself that there are others who may be better than the previous one.

Step five: Do not compare

It is normal that you will want to compare with previous new relationship, but it’s not fair to the new man in your life. From the old relationship you must learn only the lectures, but give it a chance to a new relationship to flourish, regardless of what was before.

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