Nutritionists recommend: Fast, good and effective diet



The diet lasts 13 days, and during that time you can lose weight around 8-10 kg. The diet is balanced and recommended by nutritionists.

Day 1:

Breakfast: cup of green tea,

Lunch: two boiled eggs, tomatoes and lettuce without spices

Dinner: 150 grams of boiled beef and spinach steam.

Day 2: 

Morning: cup of green tea

Lunch: roast beef 150 g salad of tomatoes and lettuce

For dinner you can have a vegetable soup, but no potatoes.

Day 3: 

Morning muesli with yogurt

Lunch cooked chicken and lettuce

For dinner: two boiled eggs and lettuce salad.


Day 4: 

Morning: cup of green tea

Lunch: an egg, a slice of cheese and 2 carrots

For dinner you can have fruit salad and cup of yogurt.

Day 5:

Morning: grated carrots with lemon juice

For lunch: grilled fish and tomatoes

Dinner: Beef stew and green salad.

Day 6:

Morning: muesli with yogurt

Lunch: piece of grilled chicken and lettuce salad

Dinner: cooked beef and tomatoes.

Day 7:

Morning cup of green tea

Lunch and boiled beef salad

For dinner you can have fruit salad and cup of yogurt

From 8-13 day menu is repeated. The quantity of meat at each meal is 150 grams.