Seven wrong type of men



For a woman to get her prince, first she have to kiss a lot of frogs. This is an old adage. And many frogs, in this case, are grouped into 7 groups, specifically 7 wrong types of men that almost any woman runs into before fall in love with the right one.

1. Idiot

Short and clear: a man who had absolutely no respect either for you or to your time, nor to your lifestyle and environment. These types of men often send messages at night, then you are most needed for them, and almost never invited you to go out together publicly.

2. Too good

It is the man who was crazy about you and was overjoyed every time you had spoke to him, and ran to fulfill your every and “wildest” desire. And that is not at all charming.

3. Handsome and stupid

If you would have been shallow person, then he would have been ideal. But in this case he was just handsome with a huge flaw through which you could not move on: simply stupid. He is a perfect example of those men who you play a bit and then go on.

type of men

4. Wild and Naughty

Each of us at some moment was attracted by such a man. But soon he abandoned us, because this attitude is simply not sustainable in the long run.

5. Peter Pan

It is the guy who literally will never grow no matter how much you comfort yourself that it’s just a phase that will pass. They will live in the protection of cooking of his mother lying in front of the TV in the living room, barely waiting for weekend to come to fool around. Until one day he woke up and realize that achieved nothing in life.

6. Do not make difference between private and business

It’s OK to be with someone who has a serious job and trying to achieve something, but the problem is to be with someone who simply does not knows how to make a balance between work and private life.

7. Mommy boy

He is different type of Peter Pan. He may be an adult with a career and finances, his own apartment, but remains connected with his mom, as never moved away. We all love our parents, but there should be limit. This type definitely does not know the limit.