The best wives in the horoscope



The best candidates that men would wished for a marriage are usually born into the following three characters:



The emotions of women born in the sign of Cancer is very strong and intense – they want the real thing. With such a woman nothing will be missing because she is ready to do everything for her partner. She wants everyone around her to be happy and will always tries to fill the day with beautiful things.The problem is that it is prone to dramatize things, but it negligent compared to what схе is willing to offer. In the end of the day, nobody is perfect, but the woman Cancer is almost perfect housewife and mother and always managing to achieve everything. All they expect in return from her husband is respect, honesty and being beside her.


Lioness is a courageous, fearless and incredibly capable. Beside her she need a partner with the same virtues and will be supportive. She knows how to love in her own way that everyone would be vicious, even when she is angry is cute. Her emotions are sincere, beside her you are feeling safe. A great fighter, particularly when it comes to their children. From a partner expects to worship cares for her, but beside her, you would not make it by your own.


What every man would have broken the woman in the sign of Capricorn knows how to made the announcement so unobtrusive and dignified, you ask yourself whether you are worthy at all. If the answer is “Yes”, then make sure that your love will burn long and hot. Keeping the flame is what she is committed and considers it her responsibility and duty. It rarely lives in fantasy, standing firmly grounded and knows when and what to expect.
If you are fortunate to attract such a woman, and you do not know how, keep in mind that she might see you better than you yourself. She knows what kind of person you are and how much you worth. She will do her best to get the best of you. In the role of mother is strict, but fair. All she ask from you is to show character and perseverance, and in that will facilitate you by serving you as an example.


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