Things that are completely irrelevant when we fall in love


Books and movies are the main culprits that we have the wrong image about men and how they should behave with us.
Truth is that men can not be so romantic, nor live in a tale palaces, much less to ride the famous white horse on which should arise.
What did not matter when we fall in love?


1. His salary

Would he treat you in the way you deserve do not depend on his salary. Every couple who is truly in love will confirm that meetings that do not require money are meetings that are truly remembered.

2. His popularity

Guys who have the main word in the company of course will be attractive to women. But when we truly fall in love you will see that his shyness and unobtrusiveness are exactly what makes him attractive.

3. His appearance

While each girl dreams of a boy with an athletic look, the truth is that physical appearance in general will not be important when you realize that he is the one for you.

4. His height

Once you are sure that you have found a soul mate, his height will no longer be a reason to wear or not to wear uncomfortable high heels.

5. His family

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you are in relationship with him, not with his family. Real man would provide support, protection and will not expect all the free time that you have to spend with his family.

6. His clothes

Some guys simply do not know how to combine clothes. If you ask them, every shirt is perfectly suits with all jeans. But this is no reason not to give them a chance. At the moment when he will be handsome in the ridiculous combination, you will know that you truly fell in love.

7. His years

Do not allow stereotypes of society to shorten the chance for true love. Age sometimes are only a number. Persons who have a few years more of you, are people from whom you can learn a lot.

8. His romance

Look at things this way: all the boys that are good in performing romantic tricks, he is repeating them many times before, until have mastered them, so his behavior is more dependable pattern. If he listen carefully while you are talking about how you spent your day, worry when you are not calling, be sure that he keep thinking of you.

9. His similarity to you

Rule states that opposites attract, and therefore do not worry if the guy with whom you’re dating, does not like the same music as you, or not impresses of the same movies as you. The most beautiful part of any relationship is to look through the eyes of another and see if perhaps you’ve noticed something nice.


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