4 indicators that your body is full of toxins


While reading this article, you may sense that something in your body is not exactly as it should. Maybe you do not feel so good, or food which usually had satisfied your needs, now has a completely opposite effect. The easiest thing is all those signs to be added unto the aging, but our body almost always gives us clear that something is wrong with us. When we stop to listen to these “whispers” that come from our body, can be major problems.

The balance is the basis of all levels of our health. Our body is like a symphony orchestra playing harmonious symphony – everything is based on balance. But toxins, inadequate diet, lack of sleep and stress of our work get in the way to achieving the balance. Instead, all those things throw us in a toxic trap. It is important to connect with our body, so we can hear signs of the condition of our health.


Here are some indicators that in our body has a number of toxins:

Always feel bloated

Our bodies should regularly to discharge the toxins, and the intestines are emptied at least once a day. If you do not this, the toxins are returned to the bloodstream and can make a mess.

Tip: If you have a problem with going to toilet, try to drink more water, exercise, take a quality probiotic or tea that allows speeding up metabolism.

Bad breath

Bad breath is not only a problem that can spoil a night out, it may indicate that you are full of toxins. It can be caused by bacteria in the mouth that emit unpleasant odors. But it could be a sign that the liver and intestines hard to release toxins.

Tip: You can use a tongue cleaner to eliminate bacteria that it is covered. Also, try using fresh herbs like parsley and coriander, which are fantastic in detoxification of the liver.

Lemon Water

Odors bothersĀ  you

If you have strong reactions to odors, such as those of perfume or cigarette smoke, perhaps they create toxins in your body. Many times we become more sensitive to external odors if our liver has a problem with removing various toxins from our body. When roads for detoxify are closed, our bodies and senses become sharper and can cause reactions such as headache or nausea.

Tip: Help the work of your liver with herbs such as dandelion root, you can consume in the form of tea. Also, it often helps oil and castor oil.

Excess weight simply does not melt away

There are many reasons for the resistance of the body to the loss of excess weight. “Mad” hormones, improper diet and of course you guessed it, the toxins are one of the reasons for such a state of body. When the body is loaded with them it is often impossible to lose excessive weight.

Tip: The key is to make sure that the body in the correct way to expel toxins. It means to improve the natural ability of the body to do so and find a balance. So chose clean, organic foods whenever possible and make sure good to sweat, drink plenty of water and breathe quality every day.