How to keep the line during the summer holidays?

beach exercise

Whole year you work hard to reduce those extra 7-8 kg and finally made it. Leaving on vacation happy because you managed to get the desired figure. Vacation for many means the maximum relaxation and food in abundance. The goal is not to urge you to count the calories and starving, but through simple tricks that we share below, will be able to keep the line during the holiday.


While being cooled in the lake or sea, use those moments to swim and activate the body. Swimming is an activity that burns the most calories, about 500 to 700 calories per hour, depending on body weight. Exercises in water are also excellent for toning the body. Try to run in water, it’s a great exercise for your legs.

Make your short morning training

Take a short morning stretching, several abdominal, squats, plank or push-ups. This will wake up the body and speed up your metabolism.

Towards the light

Make a morning walk

Morning walk on the shores of a lake or a sea is one of the best things to relax the brain and calm the mind. Practice this walk on an empty stomach to burn a few more calories and speed up your metabolism throughout the day.

Active sunbathing

Sunbathing with a book in hands is relaxing, but more interesting way to sunbathing is to participate in numerous sports like beach volleyball, soccer, tennis at sand. In this way you get a good tan, and also a great cardio workout.


Eat more fish and seafood

Meat fish or seafood has the least saturated fat of all kinds of meat, and is full of protein. Saltwater fish such as salmon, cod, sardines and mackerel are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids that are necessary for proper operation of the brain and heart, and also help against depression.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Good habit, not only for the holiday, to eat vegetables with every meal. Except that you get the necessary vitamins and minerals, vegetables will help you feel full without much food because it contains fiber.
Fruit is the tastiest way to get hydrated in summer, when the water needs of the body are two to four times higher compared to winter. Eat fruit between meals as a healthy snack. Favor fruits like watermelon, melon, peach that contain the highest percentage of water and low-calorie.

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