Four fun ways to teach your child to write its own name


Most children learn to write their name when they are in kindergarten, and we suggest some methods for learning to write its name, which at the same time are educational and entertaining. While you teach your child to write its own name, a matter of fact they develop their motor skills, but also prepare for school.

Print the name of the child as letters for coloring book

To teach your child to write, it is sometimes a real challenge. Make this task easier so that you print its name as a coloring book that the child will paint. Using text and graphics software, select capital letters (large font) and select the option outline (outline). Write the child’s name and print it. With pencil in hand the child will be focused on the coloring of the space between the given lines, also will follow the contours of the letter of its name. In order for you to use repeatedly the printed pattern of letters, you can put plastic wrap plastic over paper or use markers.

Draw with your fingers on household objects

Allow your child to learn the movements required for writing the letters of its name, using his finger. Use salt, sugar, shaving foam, sand, and even pudding, as a tool for writing. Salt and sugar you can spill on flat container, for chaos to be minimal. Shaving foam and pudding do more chaos, but some children will spend more time because it is interesting to wallow while write. You can use the bowl from the kitchen scale as a basis on which the child will write.

Learning to write

Write using a chalk

Go out with the child outside and extend the classes in writing. Buy chalk that fits in the palm of your child. Write the child’s name in capital letters and ask to repeat your writing. Play with the size of the letters of his name until you reach the size that will write a paper at school.

Use dry-erase board

Writing the names, children love to write on the board is being erased. It enables them to practice, draw and write without the need for paper. Boards are widely used and you can use them for long periods in the development of your child. When you will learn to write its name you can learn to write and other letters. You can also use for learning math, native language and many other things.

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