The love between father and daughter is priceless. Father to his daughter: “Find someone who would give his heart for you!”


“I grew you up, cherished you like a small drop in my hand, and kept you like a pearl. For what? For now, someone else to show off with your goodness, now your soul is full of sorrow. To cry for someone? For someone who does not really knows how much you are worth?”

Whoever he is, I cannot afford to see you unhappy besides him. You will continue with your life. You are worth too much and he does not notice it! He’s looking for you and pays attention to you only when he is bored and when his friends are gone. When was the last time he looked in your face and told you that he loves you? When was the last time he gently stroked your hair and kissed you in the forehead? When you were surprised by something? Have you felt his love daughter? Is he doing it as I did for you? Did he ever buy you a gift for your birthday? Did he ever tell you how much you are worth?

“No no, my daughter! I know that you are dreaming about for a lifetime but do not receive it. In what did you fell in love? In a beautiful person? Is he a man? He’s just an ordinary selfish “man”! On what do you spend your time and love? Gave your love to someone worth, or someone who will replace me. The day will come when you cover me with flowers, wanting me back … and then remember that there is someone like me. He will be with you when I am gone. In him, you will seek the last hope and comfort. He will give the last breath for you!”