10 reasons why your older sister is the best person in the world


No matter how many arguments you have about who steals whose makeup, who is the favorite child in the family and what to watch on television, your sister love is unconditional.

It is probably one of the most annoying people in your life at the same time it is one of the best. In fact, if you consider it is the best person.

And these are the reasons:

You can literally speak with her about everything

She is the person from whom you seek advice when you do not want to talk to your parents and friends. Why? Because you know that you will not be judged by her, and probably already she went through the same thing.

She will keep your back no matter what

 She lives by the rule “Only I can be strict to my little sister.” No one else.

She was the experiment

 Your parents tested it all their rules and penalties, which would mean that at your age she was punished if she is late a few minutes and you, you are allowed to type message “I will be late” story end here.

She is your example

 When you’re young and you have no one except parents, your sister is the person you admire and copy. And she knew how to make you ask the parents for the thing that she had been afraid or embarrassed to ask by yourself – certainly, you never fooled by that.

She will help you with your homework

We are not talking about explaining how to solve mathematical problems, but keeping her old notebooks from where you will overwrite.

She will help you to build your own style

And if you don’t want to admit, at least part of your style is due to your sister. Of course, you love to steal from her closet whenever you want to be dressed a little nicer, right?

She makes your childhood to be incredibly fun

Even as a little older when your parents entrusted for safekeeping in her hands she will allow you to do almost anything you want, including jumping on the bed and eating a bunch of chocolate.

She knows you better than you know yourself

She was going through almost all situations through which you pass now and she knows you more than everyone else, which briefly means that knows everything about you. Such a relationship is something that you would not have with anyone else in my life.

She is part of all your childhood memories

You have a huge number of common memories, many of which even your parents know when you grow up.

She is your best friend

 However occasional even if sometimes she knows how to drive you crazy, she is the person who always supports you and is there for you no matter what.