5 reasons why not to skip breakfast


Do you regularly eat breakfast? Lot of people think that in the mornings are too busy to go to breakfast. On the other hand, others claims that are not enough hungry and have no appetite when they wake up. Those who do not eat in the morning can only harm themselves rather than benefit to their physical appearance.
Studies have shown that there are several important reasons why it is important breakfast. In addition, read the reasons why breakfast is really the most important meal of the day and what it means to your health.


Breakfast improves the concentration

There is a reason why many schools provide option – breakfast for their students. Nutritionists long ago has agreed that the morning meal is crucial for concentration in learning, no matter what age. At night the level of blood sugar is very low, and having breakfast with the optimum amount of cereals, proteins and foods rich in fiber are very important to the brain in performing normal functions.

It is important for your heart

Habit of skipping breakfast – has been scientifically proven to be related to the development of heart diseases, particularly increases the risk of heart attack by 27%

Have proteins for breakfast

The breakfast will keep you fed all morning, but breakfast rich in protein will increase satiety for a whole day. Eat eggs, yogurt and meat that would reduce the desire for “junk food” throughout the day. Healthy breakfast = healthy choice!

With breakfast to more activity

People who eat breakfast simply have more physical energy, and have an active life because the brain receives signals from the quantity of new energy. Make your self a favor and never skip breakfast.

Lowers the risk of diabetes

The link between skipping breakfast and developing diabetes is highlighted in many studies. Breakfast is important for regulating appetite throughout the day. If you skip breakfast, after a while may lead to sensitivity to insulin, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.


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