Dogs or cats- who has a better sense of smell?


Dogs and cats are eager with snooping to explore their surroundings, but which one is better at it?
For those who questioned, scientists still claim that dogs won. If they compete for who has a better hearing, cats would surely have been better, but dogs have 300 million scent receptors, making them winners in the category of fragrance. As a comparison, the cats have only 80 million receptors.
The bigger dogs have a larger head, and more area for smell receptors. However, one of the smallest dog breeds – Chihuahua has a larger head of the largest Savannah cat.

Dogs that live the wilderness use the sharp smell  to avoid predators and find prey. Cats, on the other hand communicate via their receptors for smell leaving scent to secure a territory and relations.


Also, dogs because of its remarkable sense of smell receive “tasks” such as finding bombs, drugs and even identify cancer by chemical changes and human respiratory or skin.
On the other hand, if you noticed that your cat often rubs muzzle and cheeks from you or other objects, it marks you as its own “property” because when you have its smell, the cat has a sense of belonging.
In any case, dogs and cats have a sense of smell better developed than humans.

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