Dogs are the guardians of the human heart


Dog owners can confidently say that their four legged friend, may still be more than just a pet. American researchers in their studies proved that dogs guard the human heart.

Low blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced stress and better mood, are only a small part of the benefits that the owners of the dogs have, according to researches.

Through research it has been proven that dogs effectively reduce the presence of risk factors associated with heart disease.

People who have a dog more likely to exercise, because every day they have to walk their dog.

The research surveyed more than 5,000 adults, was discovered that people who have dogs walk more frequently, unlike the people who do not have dogs, on average 54% less have some physical activity.

Old happy couple

Pets have great impact on psychical health. It has been shown to reduce the risk of stress and improves the mood.

As for the dogs they unconsciously encourage people to socialize, it has been shown that socialization reduces the risk of depression.

If you still doubt, do not hesitate anymore. Take a dog for a pet, you will not do wrong!

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