5 reasons why you should fall in love in a man with a dog

When you are looking for love, you realize that most people do not care about other people’s emotions, but only for their own. You meet people who at first glance you seem to be people that you could be be in a relationship with, then you realize that selfishness is the one that dominates. Sometimes it is not enough only appearance, but humanity worn down, characteristic that will allow you to see the future in their eyes.


To avoid the moment of disappointment and constant search for the right person, experts advise to look for a man who has a pet dog.

This is why it is advantageous:

They are sociable and pleasant
Dogs are social animals who want to play with other people, but also with  animals. Walks and discovery of the world is their favorite activity, and the owners are similar. Always are open for communication and new friendships.

They are responsible

Dog owners are responsible people and will never forget your needs, much less your emotions. After all, they do it every day for their pets. They are aware that the need of other people sometimes have an advantage before their own.


They are carefully

When someone has a pet, do not think only of themselves and their own needs but the needs of this sweet creature who depend on it. Take care to be fed, bath, walk, to sleep on dry and warm. It will do exactly the same things to you.

They are loyal

People with dogs will not leave you alone when you need them most. That would mean that if they do that to you, will do that to the dog to. No! They tend to be loyal because it is a quality that learn or upgrade their pet.

Great friends

Experts say the most successful relationship is the one in with your best friend. That does not mean to look your best friend at the time, but the ftiend who over the years through love be your friend. It will be with you in difficult moments, moments of happinesswill have a complete understanding oh support. A few characteristics that dogs have and are reflected in their owners.

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