Gestures of your pets that do not mean what you think it means

Puppy on ottoman

Do you think you are better connected with your dog if there is eye contact? In fact dogs hate when someone look them in the eyes and taking it as a threat. If the dog you look you in the eyes that means you have to remove the view.

Cats constantly is cleaning itself to eliminate odors from other people from themselves.

Dogs yawn sometimes when they are under stress.

Cats purr when they are happy, but sometimes when are scared and so are trying to settle down.

The dog who wags his tail is happy? Perhaps, but only if its tail is relaxed. If the tail is raised and waving it that means showing aggression and domination.

Cats are bringing live prey, for example – mice to teach the owners how to hunt. Because they noticed that it just does not go out of hand.

Dogs who laugh are not happy. They show their teeth to warn you.

Cats are meowing when demand something from you.

The dog who is peeing when it see you is not happy, but shows it is obeyed.

But when the cat piss on your stuff does not mean it hate you. Wants to show you that feels closeness to you. You and I are one!

Dog that licks you indicate that you are the alpha in the pack.

A cat who scratching your leg does not love you. On the other members of the pack shows that it has the right of you.

Dogs pull the leash on all sides as they are confused. They do not know what to do, because of this the training is important.


To best connect with your cat it is important to see in the eyes and very slowly blink of an eye. In their language it means that you have trust, even you close your eyes in front of it.
If you do that, the cat should do the same gesture. Or you find that it hates you.

Those cats do not bury the dung only when they want to mark the territory and to send a warning to other cats.

Dogs do not like when people hug them.

The cats who wheezed you are not scared but trying to frighten you.

But when it is all stood on end, it is a sign that it is scared.

Dogs sniffing other dogs from behind to find out everything about them. Which gender is whether they are ready for mating, whether they ate or even what their mood is.

A cat who you throw on the back and shows the stomach believe in you. Experts say that it is the equivalent of the human embrace.

When you shout at the dog that barks, actually you are letting to continue to do the same. It barks, and you shout … indefinitely.

Dog that begging for food means that it trusts you.

By punishing the dog and the cat you don’t achieve anything. They can not make a connection between what they did and punishment. Use positive motivation to learn.


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